Ducks in the Mail


We ordered Indian Runner ducklings from Holderreads' Waterfowl Farm and Preservation Center in Corvallis, Oregon this year.  The Holderreads have an international reputation for high quality stock.  And thanks to the excellent USPS Express Mail, they are just down the road.  We are delighted with our new additions.

Holderreads' called on Tuesday evening to say the ducklings were
in the mail . Thursday we picked them up at our Post Office.Our local Post Office

     The USPS does a wonderful job taking care of these live bird shipments. Ducklings have enough food from the yolk so they can make a two or three day trip with ease. 


It was thrill to open the box and see how active and curious these little guys are.



All present and accounted for and  we're on our way home.


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