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 Guinea mothers with their keets at The Running Duck Farm

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Guinea fowl (Guineas)

It seems everyone remembers someone who kept guineas.  Their taste for ticks and the reputation as a barnyard alarm makes them popular today as well.  There is a fox living in the neighborhood and they raise a ruckus whenever he appears.  And in the spring they're apt to be a little testy.  But most of the time they make a circuit of the property traveling together as a flock.

The two hens on the left in this picture hatched these keets in a nest hidden in the cannas and brought them out at just the right time for me to catch them on their first walk about.  Guineas aren't always the best mothers but these two seem to be especially devoted and so far they have been keeping the keets safe.

We have had good success hatching guineas too - and the keets, which look nothing at all like they will as adults, are really are adorable. 

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