Resting at the edge of the woods

The fawn and whites blend into the shadows.

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We supplement their foraging diet with pellets. There is no need to call - they are waiting for someone to come out in the morning.

Ducks and guineas belly up for dinner

The ducks scoop up the pellets but the guineas hold their own.

A wet duck is a happy duck.

They love having standing water everywhere. When everyone else is tired of the mud, it's just more opportunities for them to drill. Notice the mud line on that drake's bill.

Ice - no problem

The ice doesn't seem to bother the ducks. In fact, they seem to prefer cool , even cold weather to the very hot weather we have during the summer.

The ducks hate snow.

We don't get snow often so they are not used to it. Here they are waiting for breakfast seeking shelter under the dog. This shows how well our Akbash dog works with the ducks who are completely comfortable around him.

Runner duck eggs

Since our ducks spend the nights outdoors, they lay their eggs where they are. Often that makes for muddy eggs. Most of our ducks lay white eggs but we do have one that lays a very pretty blue shelled egg. The eggs have a rich, mild flavor.

Flying ducks!

Runners aren't fully flighted. Nice so they won't fly over and settle on your neighbor's pond but it does leave them a little more vunerable to land predators. They can get airborne though if they get a running start and can go a fair way if the wind and terrain are just right.

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