The Running Duck Farm

Sebastopol gosling enjoying a bath in waterdish

Sebastopol and Pilgrim Geese

We hatched 2 Sebastopol and 2 Pilgrim geese in the spring of 2003.  We picked goose breeds that are reputed to be relatively docile and friendly and these are full of personality.  Whereas the ducks are more like cats - they show up for food, the geese are more like dogs and rush over to see what's going on whenever we go out.

This is the first to hatch of the Sebastopols.  He has a great personality and is very chatty but he also shows a serious fault of the breed - some straight wing feathers.  He's not going to win any prizes in the show ring but he is a welcome addition to our yard. 

Pictures of all four here; and more  - at the pool (fortunately closed for the season)  here.

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